Yolanda Foster hasn’t been shy about her struggles with Lyme disease on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This season alone, we’ve seen her undergo a vitamin C IV treatment, have her white gold crowns removed from her teeth, and get rid of her silicone breast implants. Though Yolanda undergoing so many medical treatments is one reason why some of her RHOBH castmates have questioned her illness, herhealth advocate April Daisy White, who has appeared on the show this season, has remained by her side through it all.

For the past year, Daisy has used her personal experience with chronic Lyme disease to coach Yolanda through this difficult time. In fact, it was Daisy’s past life experiences, which include a tumultuous upbringing, being a sex worker, and a career in acting, that eventually put her on the path to helping others heal.

Daisy spoke to The Daily Dish about what it means to be a health advocate, Yolanda’s journey with Lyme disease, and her diverse career over the years.

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