Lyme Talk Radio with Dr. Pat Baccili: How You Can Help Your Doctor and What Your Doctor Needs To Know with Susan Green

Current trends affecting Lyme patients, their LLMDs and the Federal Bill. What you can do to help. Click here to listen!

Lyme Talk Radio with Dr. Pat Baccili: Losing Everything but Gaining More: Alicia Healy’s Fight Against Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease advocate and patient Alicia Healy shares the experience of her 15-year battle with Lyme disease, co-infections, and her recovery. Alicia chronicles the struggles of navigating childhood and young adulthood with mysterious symptoms and overcoming them.         Click here to listen to the Archive Show!

Lyme Talk Radio w/ Dr. Pat Baccili: The Effectiveness of Natural Medicine in Treating Chronic Symptoms of Lyme w/ Dr. David Jernigan

Dr. Jernigan will discuss options outside of antibiotics for the treatment of Lyme symptoms and how it is not necessary for those with Lyme disease to suffer for years. He will also give his opinion on Herx reactions and how he believes patients do not have to get worse before they get better.     [...]

Lyme Talk Radio with Dr. Pat Baccili: A Coming Out Story: Celebrities Touched By Lyme Disease

Grammy-nominated singer Avril Lavigne has revealed that she is battling Lyme disease. Lavigne alluded to experiencing "health issues" late last year. She and thousands others share the same story of perseverance, courage, and inspiration. Baccili says, "We are past the due date for the medical profession to recognize this epidemic killer of our time. This [...]

Lyme Talk Radio with Dr. Pat Baccili: Kaleidoscope of Hope – Author Tina Juliette Garcia, M.T.

  Tina relays the difficulties she encountered with obtaining treatment while she was so ill. The tremendous suffering she experienced for several years eventually led her down an inspirational path wherein she learned to transform her perspective and re-discover her hidden potential. Tina shares in her book the wisdom and blessings she discovered on her [...]

Lyme Talk Radio with Dr. Pat Baccili: The Greatest Defense Against Lyme Disease is YOU with Naturopath Dr. Nooshin Darvish

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!   Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish is the Medical Director and founder of Holistique Medical Center. A Washington State board licensed naturopathic physician and a Fellow in Integrative Cancer Therapies, Dr. Darvish is a physician, writer, lecturer and educator in the field of naturopathic, integrative and anti-aging medicine. She is a candidate [...]

Lyme Talk Radio w/ Dr. Pat Baccili: WHY CAN’T I GET BETTER? Solving the Mystery of Lyme w/ Author Dr. Richard Horowitz

From one of the country's foremost doctors comes a ground-breaking book about diagnosing, treating and healing Lyme, and peeling away the layers that lead to chronic disease. Dr. Horowitz provides an all-in-one resource for patients of Lyme and other chronic diseases to help them identify their symptoms and work with their current doctors to achieve [...]

Lyme Talk Radio w/ Dr. Pat Baccili: Political updates on Chronic Lyme Disease in MA w/ Dr. Enid Haller

This episode of Lyme Talk Radio will cover all the activity around Chronic Lyme in Massachusetts. They are becoming the leading state in the Lyme Wars.Brandi Dean financed and opened the first Chronic Lyme treatment facility in the country owned by “Partners,” the umbrella company that owns most hospitals in the state including Mass. General. [...]

Lyme Talk Radio: Ticked Off! Botched Lyme Disease Treatments Turned Susan R. Green from Angry Patient to Tireless Advocate

Click to play!!        Ms. Green has been engaged in the practice of Law since 1983 and has appeared before both local, appellate and Federal Courts in Maryland and as co-counsel around the country. During her tenure as an attorney, she has been admitted to the Maryland Bar, Florida Bar, District of Columbia [...]

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