We are so thrilled to announce our partnership with Results RNA. This company has gone above and beyond in creating a product that is not only 100% natural and safe but is effective in treating Lyme Disease. If you or someone you know is suffering with Lyme and having difficulty getting any kind of help, I advise you to look at this product. It is recommended by doctors across the nation for treating all sorts of auto-immune issues. This is medical grade treatment that is safe to use and you don’t need a prescription. Let’s stop killing our bodies with these harsh antibiotics and start finding natural treatments that work.


Results RNA Lyme Support

I will be interviewing the president of Results RNA David Larson on my show March 9th 11am Pacific time. David will be introducing us to the company and why they have taken this amazing leap in the world of healing to bring solutions to you. You can tune in live by clicking here. Or visit www.thedrpatshow.com, www.transformationtalkradio.com or download the mobile app. Simply search “Transformation Talk Radio” in your app store.



Our listeners are getting a special 10% discount on their first order. Visit www.resultsrna.com and use theĀ discount code “drpat” when you check out. Many of you know me as the host of The Dr. Pat Show and have been listening for years. Others may not know who I am, but let me tell you one thing. I do not endorse just any product. I made a promise to you the listeners from the very beginning that my show is about personal-growth, healing, and empowerment. I would not try to sell them anything rather, I would educate them on what is available to them as resources and give my honest feedback about it. So I am now giving my honest feedback about this company and what they have done.

Tune in to the show March 9th 11am Pacific or follow Lyme Global on Facebook and Twitter and we will be posting the podcast to listen after the live show.