If you or someone you know is suffering from Lyme Disease or some “mystery” symptoms you are going to want to listen to this show with Dr. Pat & Dr. Cameron. They go on to discuss the world of Lyme Disease as it is today, some shocking stats you probably didn’t know, and give you some focused ideas and solutions.

I want to thank all of you for emailing us here at the show for continuing to do this and supporting and getting the word and the level of awareness out about Lyme disease.

I’ve been doing this for over 13 years. We started one of the first shows on holistic and positive living 13 years ago.

Here my question for you to kick this off -what would you say this disease has done to change your life’s journey? What is it about Lyme disease that has called you to step forward in your passion and purpose in life?

Dr. Cameron: When I was in Geriatrics, learning how to take care a lot of the complicated people like I grew up with that I admired when I was growing up.

I thought it would be my field but after 10 years of working in that area, I ran into so many Lyme patients that had the same challenges, the same trouble in getting better and it is just that everything I learn from that Geriatrics from my people that I grew up with I can do a lot for, I just thought it was a gift to be able to do what I could for Lyme disease patients.

Dr. Pat: I live in a State. I don’t live in Connecticut. I don’t live on the eastcoast anymore but I grew up there and I grew up in a part of New Jersey where ticks had become a way of life.I live in a place right now where it is difficult to get the health and services people to even acknowledge that Lyme disease is possible in the State of Washington. People still believe that Lyme disease is pretty much in the northeast. That’s it. New England specifically l and yet we now know that is not true. So I want to ask you, what do you believe? How well are we doing with educating people, not about the details of Lyme disease but just about its existence?

Dr. Cameron: I think that there was a study that came out couple months ago that said that half of the counties and the entire United States have Lyme disease. Ohio for example they didn’t think they had ticks until they got a budget to look for ticks.

Every county area had ticks every dog had ticks.

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