Would you tell a friend or colleague that you thought they had an infection which is difficult to cure?

This is what happened to me while driving to a conference in Orlando, Florida, with a colleague who has been suffering with strange and uncomfortable symptoms for many years. Her doctors all continue to misdiagnose her. 
Why do I say that? 
Because she is diagnosed with conditions, then treated with the appropriate medication, yet there is never any good response and in fact, she sometimes gets worse on the medications that should be helping. 
Does this sound like you?

During our drive together, she had a unilateral headache behind her left eye. She confessed she gets these frequently. She often experiences pressure sensations in her sinus cavities which were diagnosed as “sinus headaches” and treated unsuccessfully with standard medications that should relieve sinus headaches.

She shared other symptoms which I recognized as hallmark signs of a protozoal, parasitic infection called Babesia.”


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