National Statistics Underestimate Lyme Disease Reality

Lyme Statistics are Reaching All Time High Poughkeepsie Journal, Dec. 7, 2016: By John Ferro Andrew Evans remembers when Lyme disease first began to emerge in the local consciousness. In the early 1990s, Evans served as a Dutchess County public health adviser whose job it was to investigate how many cases were afflicting [...]

Lyme disease often overlooked in Northern California

Four summers ago, Carole Flaherty was training for a long-distance hike across the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains. The retired landscape contractor from Healdsburg was routinely walking 25 miles a day -- until strange pains stopped her in her tracks. Fatigue, abdominal aches and a burning sensation on her right side left her bedridden [...]

Oregon residents, contact lawmakers about Lyme bill

The following call-to-action is from the Oregon Lyme Disease Network, regarding proposed Lyme-related legislation. Oregon Lyme Disease Network— SB916 ** CALL TO ACTION # 4 for the House Committee On Health Care ** INSTRUCTIONS FOR WRITING YOUR REPRESENTATIVE Feel free to copy the text between the solid lines, using it as the beginning of your [...]

Predicting the Risk of Lyme Disease

Article Preview: The distribution and abundance of Ixodes scapularis were studied in Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and portions of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan by inspecting small mammals for ticks and by collecting questing ticks at 138 locations in state parks and natural areas. Environmental data were gathered at a local level (i.e., micro and meso [...]

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