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TOUCHED BY LYME: Girl’s Lyme “dream” goes viral

"Lyme disease advocacy can come in all shapes and sizes. In January, a third-grade class in Mankato, Minnesota, learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his famous “I have a dream” speech. In his honor, their teacher asked the children to draw pictures illustrating their own dreams for making the world a better place. Nine-year-old [...]

Legalize Lyme Disease

"Lyme disease has reached epidemic proportions. It is the fastest growing infectious bacterial disease in America. Generally contracted by a tick bite, new evidence shows it is also contractible via mosquito, spider, or fly bite [1], via the womb from mother to child [2], or potentially through unprotected sex [3]. The CDC states that it does not know how many people [...]

Kelowna Vet Hospital Develops Spray to Protect Pets from Ticks

"A local veterinary hospital in Kelowna is hoping their creation will help protect pets from ticks and mosquitos. Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital has developed a natural flower spray that will protect pets against ticks and mosquitos." It's about time somebody figured out a way to help protect our animal friends. Thank you Pandosy Village Veterinary [...]

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