lyme disease

National Statistics Underestimate Lyme Disease Reality

Lyme Statistics are Reaching All Time High Poughkeepsie Journal, Dec. 7, 2016: By John Ferro Andrew Evans remembers when Lyme disease first began to emerge in the local consciousness. In the early 1990s, Evans served as a Dutchess County public health adviser whose job it was to investigate how many cases were afflicting [...]

Bitten: A Patient With Tickborne Disease Struggles To Find The Right Provider

For a patient with Lyme disease–like symptoms, the biggest challenge is finding a specialist who understands her condition. "Back home after three days, I peeled off my clothes for a long-overdue shower. Reflected in the bathroom mirror was a rash the shape of a bull’s-eye, blooming bright red on my left hip. A crimson omen [...]

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