John Caudwell ‘devastated’ after whole family diagnosed with Lyme disease

Source The billionaire founder of Phones4U has revealed that his whole family have been struck down by the potentially deadly Lyme disease. Earlier this month John Caudwell told the Telegraph of his 20-year-old son Rufus’s long struggle with the disease, which started with “panic attacks, serious agoraphobia and a terror of sickness” before being correctly [...]

I’ve Lived With Lyme Disease For 17 Years. Here’s What My Life Is Really Like

I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease when I was seven years old. I had all the classic signs of infection — a tick bite, a fever and the infamous Bull's-eye rash, which appeared like a red target on my thigh. I lived in Irvington, N.Y. at the time, where awareness of the disease, and [...]

Why I Lived a Double Life While Dealing With My Chronic Illnesses

Courtesy of: When I say the words “living a double life,” many people with chronic illnesses may know what I mean. I’m talking about the face you put on every day to “pass” among the healthy and try to live successfully among them, no matter how much your body refuses to comply. In September 2014, [...]

Suffering the Silence: Chronic Lyme Disease in an Age of Denial

When Allie Cashel, now 23, was a young child, her father was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Later, when she was seven, she and her three siblings tested positive for it as well. They were given a brief course of antibiotics and told they were cured. Yet, weird symptoms—swollen knees and fingers, grinding joint pain, racing [...]

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