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TOUCHED BY LYME: Girl’s Lyme “dream” goes viral

"Lyme disease advocacy can come in all shapes and sizes. In January, a third-grade class in Mankato, Minnesota, learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his famous “I have a dream” speech. In his honor, their teacher asked the children to draw pictures illustrating their own dreams for making the world a better place. Nine-year-old [...]

Legalize Lyme Disease

"Lyme disease has reached epidemic proportions. It is the fastest growing infectious bacterial disease in America. Generally contracted by a tick bite, new evidence shows it is also contractible via mosquito, spider, or fly bite [1], via the womb from mother to child [2], or potentially through unprotected sex [3]. The CDC states that it does not know how many people [...]

Kelowna Vet Hospital Develops Spray to Protect Pets from Ticks

"A local veterinary hospital in Kelowna is hoping their creation will help protect pets from ticks and mosquitos. Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital has developed a natural flower spray that will protect pets against ticks and mosquitos." It's about time somebody figured out a way to help protect our animal friends. Thank you Pandosy Village Veterinary [...]

This Malaria-Like Parasite Is Spreading in North America

While we lived together, a good friend of mine who hails from West Africa taught me to think beyond geopolitical borders. Among countless stories, she sometimes mentioned exotic illnesses that were common in other parts of the world. One is malaria -- that infamous mosquito-transmitted parasite that causes severe flulike symptoms most notably characterized by [...]

Different Response by CDC to Spread of Zika Virus VS. Lyme Disease-carrying Ticks

Although Lyme disease and the Zika virus are transmitted by different types of vectors, both illnesses can cause severe, long-term health damage and are of enormous concern to the general public. The response by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to each threat, however, has been decidedly different. The CDC has responded to [...]

Woman battling Lyme disease works with lawmakers to raise awareness

It starts with a red rash, but can later affect joints, the nervous system, and even the heart. It’s called Lyme disease, and for a woman in Cromwell, it has taken over her life. Rebecca Tibball has lived with chronic Lyme disease for the past year and now she is making it her mission to [...]

UI chemists uncover how key agent allows diseases to reproduce

Humans have been successful at treating a host of diseases. Yet some continue to elude medicine’s best attempts. Tuberculosis killed 15 percent of the 9.6 million people who contracted it worldwide in 2014. Typhus has flared periodically throughout history, with deadly consequences. Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a tick-borne threat in North and South America. [...]

Yolanda Foster’s Health Advocate Says Hearing People Doubt Her Illness Is “Heart-Wrenching”

Yolanda Foster hasn't been shy about her struggles with Lyme disease on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This season alone, we've seen her undergo a vitamin C IV treatment, have her white gold crowns removed from her teeth, and get rid of her silicone breast implants. Though Yolanda undergoing so many medical treatments is one [...]

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