Avril Lavigne Snow White Campaign To Combat Effects Of Lyme Disease

One charitably-minded Avril Lavigne fan is going to get to talk to Snow White and it’ll all help combat the effects of Lyme Disease. Lavigne recently unveiled a contest on the Prizeo website where one lucky donator to the Avril Lavigne Foundation will have the opportunity to have their voice recorded for the animated movie, […]

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Back To School – Or Not… When Your Child Has Lyme Disease

Source: Jenifer Crystal’s Chronicles

My Facebook feed flooded this week with back-to-school photos. Many of my friends’ children posed with big smiles, crisp new school clothes and shiny lunchboxes before setting off on the adventure of a new academic year. As I scrolled through the happy pictures, I couldn’t help thinking of all the students who aren’t […]

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When the ‘cure’ doesn’t end the pain

Brandi Dean wanted to slink home. Her husband had rushed her to a Boston emergency room for severe vertigo, confusion, and a bizarre weakness on her right side, but neurological and other tests had yielded nothing. Maybe, a doctor suggested gently, it was a panic attack.

“I was so embarrassed,” said the soft-spoken Dean, who left […]

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Person With Lyme Disease

1. Did you see a tick? Did a tick bite you?

Many people who contract Lyme never saw a tick. The rash that one gets from a lyme-infected tick bite, called erythema migrans (EM), only shows up in about 70% of people infected. So yes, it was probably a tick, but a tick can be the […]

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6 Ways to Keep Friendships Strong While Living With Chronic Illness

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My life is different from everyone in my inner circle. My closest friends and my family don’t have the medical struggles that I face. I won the medical lottery; I’ve been diagnosed with multiple severe and at times life-threatening rare diseases, in addition to managing other conditions that have sprung up as a […]

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5 ways a tiny tick can knock you out

Symptoms of Lyme and other tick diseases to watch for

You probably know that Lyme disease is the scourge of the Northeast and upper Midwest. But did you know that most cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever are reported in six states that are nowhere near that mountain range?

It’s important to keep up your guard for […]

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Getting bitten by bugs is the worst! The problem is, traditionally if you want to get rid of bugs, you have to invest in harmful repellents, which can be dangerous for your health.

Thankfully, there is a way to get rid of bugs without putting your health or the health of your family at risk. You can create […]

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Avril Lavigne on How Lyme Disease Has Affected Her Life, Career

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

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The Lyme Disease Challenge – The Lymineers!

The Lyme Disease Challenge! Check out Dr. Pat’s take on the challenge and meet the Lymineers!


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The Lyme Disease Challenge – The Lymettes!

Check out Dr. Pat’s Take on the Lyme Disease Challenge!!


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